News on WWE NXT's Next Premium Live Event, Will Be on Same Day as ROH Final Battle

NXT's Halloween Havoc is scheduled for this weekend, but it won't be the brand's last premium live event of 2022. Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select dropped a report on Thursday stating that NXT has one more major event lined up for Dec. 10. Not only is it believed to be connected to the recent "Deadline" trademark WWE filed for, but it will also run on the same day as Ring of Honor's Final Battle pay-per-view. 

It's unclear if the shows will directly conflict, as ROH has already confirmed its show will start at 4 p.m. Eastern. The news comes just one day after it was confirmed that AEW Dynamite beat NXT in the "Tuesday Night War," with Dynamite hauling in a large audience and a 0.26 rating compared to NXT's 0.18. 

What is NXT's New Era?

With NXT's updated logo and slightly altered presentation, fans have been excited about the possibility of the "Black and Gold Era" of the late 2010s making a return to WWE's developmental brand. Shawn Michaels explained in a new interview with ComicBook this week that fans should expect more of a hybrid between that era and NXT 2.0.

"I certainly don't want to undersell anything, but I don't know that it's a new era where there's a big change," Michaels said. "Certainly, there was the Black and Gold, there was 2.0 and now we have, I think what I guess is a hybrid. I mean, we don't want this NXT to really have to be defined as anything other than your NXT, to be perfectly honest. I don't want this to be Hunter's or Vince's or even mine for that matter. This is the NXT that belongs to the men and women of NXT that come through our system and to those passionate and loyal fans that watch us some support us, to be perfectly honest."

"This line of work, the WWE and the wrestling business as a whole was always about fun and enjoyment and entertainment, and that's what it's going to get back to. I don't know if that's been missing for the last several years, but the one thing that we're all excited about is that we are looking to kick a— and have a great deal of fun and enjoyment for the years to come," he added. "And that's honestly, I guess, I don't know if that's a catchphrase or if that's a mission statement, but this is just an NXT that's excited about developing the young men and women that are going to be the superstars, the Raw and SmackDown superstars of tomorrow."

h/t Fightful