Randy Orton Punts Ric Flair to Close out WWE Raw

Randy Orton defeated Kevin Owens in the main event of this week's Monday Night Raw, but "The Viper" had sinister plans for after the match. Orton asked Ric Flair to stay in the ring, and cut a promo about how he was upset with how Flair caused his match with Owens to happen because he ran his mouth backstage last week. He then tore into the legend, saying the Flair he knew wouldn't need a pacemaker, wouldn't have been in a coma two years ago and wouldn't be a "whore for the spotlight" like his is now.

Flair took the mic and gave a passionate promo of his own, saying that he wanted nothing more than for Orton to break his record for most world championship reigns (while taking a shot at John Cena for tying it). He said his near-death experience taught him that he needed to be close to the people that he loved, and that included Orton. Orton knocked the microphone away and hugged Flair, only to nail him with a low blow when the legend's back was turned.

Orton then punted Flair in the skull, though the move was somewhat blurred by the power flickering on and off and the lights suddenly going out (caused by the Retribution faction). McIntyre ran out and called Orton an "evil son of a b—" or attacking his mentor.