WWE's Rey Mysterio Reveals "Retirement Plan"

Rey Mysterio is a legend not only within the world of World Wrestling Entertainment, but in all the squared circles around the globe, and even though he is able to still tangle with the best of them, the years are beginning to catch up with him and he is thinking of his own "retirement plan" for when he hangs up his mask once and for all! Recently, Rey's son Dominik has been incorporated into WWE's story lines, hinting that the older Mysterio is definitely thinking about "passing the torch" to his son who wrestled against Seth Rollins during Summer Slam this year!

On WWE's "Chasing Glory" podcast, both Rey and his son Dominik were guests, wherein the elder Mysterio went into detail about his age and how it has impacted his overall wrestling skills:

“I’ll be 45 in December. And I don’t see myself going past 50, that’s for sure. My body feels great right now. I’ve been doing new methods of therapy - STEM cells, hyperbaric chambers, cryo chambers, CBD’s, you know, a lot of things that benefit me. I think that has given me more longevity.”

WWE Rey Mysterio Retirement Plan
(Photo: WWE)

Mysterio also broke down his thoughts on retiring from World Wrestling Entertainment, while also noting that a "retirement match" isn't something that he's thought about too much as of yet:

"“Definitely, yes [I want to retire in WWE]. Once you enter here, you can’t go any higher than this. This is where I’ve always envisioned myself finishing my career. “Um, I really haven’t put thought to it [who my retirement match will be against], no. There are a lot of choices, though.”

Rey Mysterio has been a part of the WWE since joining the organization in 2002, having been a part of World Championship Wrestling and countless other companies throughout his career. Though he may be getting older, his skills certainly prove that he is still a master in the ring. On top of his work in the ring, Mysterio also has an animated series that will feature the masked wrestler fighting against far larger threats than anything he finds within the WWE!


What do you think of Rey Mysterio's "retirement plan"? Do you foresee Dominik taking up the mask and continuing the legacy within the WWE following his father's eventual retirement? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of professional wrestling!

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