Rob Van Dam Picks Who He Wants to Induct Him Into the WWE Hall of Fame

News broke earlier this week that Rob Van Dam and his girlfriend Katie Forbes were officially [...]

News broke earlier this week that Rob Van Dam and his girlfriend Katie Forbes were officially leaving Impact Wrestling. The announcement caused immediate speculation that the former world champion might return to the WWE, which was further fueled by RVD confirming that he's working with his former company on "a couple of projects that haven't been mentioned yet." In a new interview with The Dropkick Podcast, Van Dam was asked about the possibility of being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, and who he'd want to be his inductor.

"I think the obvious answer is probably Paul [Heyman], and I think that's definitely the right person," Van Dam said (h/t Wrestling Inc.), before pointing out that getting inducted might not necessarily equate to him returning to WWE.

"I can definitely see it happening, but knowing how things work, I could also see it not happening, or not happening for a long time anyway," he said. "I used to think, and I'm still not sure, but do you have to retire in order to be in the Hall of Fame? And the fact that I've been wrestling for Impact, that's got to be a factor too. They don't want to do too much with somebody. But, who knows? Of course it'd be an honor, and we'll see."

Van Dam's last WWE run ended in 2014, though he did pop up during the Raw Reunion special last July. His most-recent run with Impact saw he work alongside former ECW stars like Tommy Dreamer and Sabu before turning heel against Rhino at the 2019 Bound for Glory event. He then took on a more controversial persona alongside Forbes, which even got Impact briefly banned from Twitch.

Elsewhere in the interview he talked about when he'll actually retire from in-ring competition.

"I'm kind of surprised I'm still wrestling because I thought I knew I was winding down a couple years ago, and then I thought that I was just gonna keep doing 10-12 matches a year," he said. "That's winding down for me, and I was thinking I would even work my way down but then I signed with Impact, so then all of a sudden, I'm doing three times as many matches. It's still a super-great schedule — maybe like two days or three days once a month - something like that.

"I don't know; I could [retire] any time, dude. I can't see me missing it like all the other guys do," he added. "I think I'll be able to deal with it really. I like the way that it keeps me in shape, and makes me work out, and stretch so I can keep doing all my s— and stuff. I like that. There's definitely a lot of benefits from it, but honestly — like everybody in the dressing room — not only are they hungrier than me, but I'm so happy to give them the TV time because they want it."