Roman Reigns Has the Perfect Response for Big E's WWE Championship Win

Big E chose to cash in his Money in the Bank contract on Bobby Lashley on this week's Monday Night Raw, pinning the WWE Champion in mere minutes after "The All Mighty" had successfully retained his title against Randy Orton. Wrestlers from around the industry immediately began to celebrate E's accomplishment, but there was one response in particular that stuck out. When Roman Reigns saw the news, the Universal Champion simply tweeted out, "Smart decision."

Leading up to this year's Money in the Bank event, E stated the only person he wanted to use the MITB briefcase on was Reigns, potentially jeopardizing the "Tribal Chief's" year-long reign with SmackDown's top prize. 

"For me to go after Kofi or Bobby, it all feels murky. It isn't taking away what Bobby has done at all, but Roman has had an incredible year and he's the guy," E told Ryan Satin on the Out of Character podcast back in mid-July. "He's the guy at the top of our industry right now. Everyone has different opinions on who 'the guy' is, but to me, he's easily doing the best work of his career and I don't think that's debatable. Why not go after the top of the industry? That's how you establish a legacy,"

But by late August E had changed his tune, telling Sports Illustrated, "There is history with the story with Bobby, Kofi and Woods, so it's all there. That would be our chance for retribution, and it just feels right. I loved The Hurt Business. I loved seeing what they were able to do, and the fact that their whole Hurt Business era wasn't in front of fans, it was in front of the ThunderDome, that's incredible. Maybe there is a possibility they can put aside whatever squabbles they have and get back together again, then you'd have so many options and possibilities with The New Day and Hurt Business, even six-mans.

"Bobby is on his best run yet," he continued. "He carries himself like a champion; he looks like a champion. When I first got signed by WWE in 2009, I remember watching a match with him and Cena over and over again. He was someone I wanted to work like someday, so it's an honor to have Bobby speak of us like that. He's on an incredible run, and there is definitely a lot of meat there to chew on."


With E now the world champion and The New Day reunited on Raw, fans quickly began speculating about a match at Survivor Series that would pit The New Day against The Bloodline as part of WWE's annual "Battle for Brand Supremacy." It got to the point where Survivor Series was trending on Tuesday morning.