Roman Reigns Teases Long-Awaited Match With NXT Champion Keith Lee

Back in November WWE fans were shocked and delighted to see rising NXT star Keith Lee push Roman Reigns to his absolute limit during the Men's Survivor Series Elimination Match. Lee didn't come out victorious, but his encounter with Reigns left fans counting the days until the two would step in the ring in a one-on-one clash. Since then Lee has gone on to make history in NXT, becoming the first man to hold the NXT and NXT North American Championships simultaneously by beating Adam Cole earlier this week.

Reigns took to Twitter after seeing Lee's win and reminded everyone of the match that was teased.

"The Grind is forever boss man," Lee wrote in response. "I'll most certainly look forward to it."

Reigns hasn't been on WWE television since March. He famously backed out of the WWE Universal Championship match he was supposed to have against Goldberg at WrestleMania 36 as a precaution against the coronavirus pandemic. He explained his decision during a recent interview with The Hindu.

"The company (WWE) has done everything that they can to make it the safest work environment possible. It is not the workplace that I was necessarily concerned about," Reigns explained. "The decision was taken mainly because each performer travels so much, and we are all such a diverse group and from all over the place. I'm not convinced, and I can't trust the fact that everybody is taking it as seriously and locking themselves down at home like I am. I trust my life with my co-workers every time I step foot in the ring, but I just can't put the same trust when it has my children, my wife and my family involved.


"But I don't want it to come off as I am taking a stand against the company at all, because I love the WWE. I've been a part of this company just since I was a little boy," he added. "That's why I always take it so personally when I represent them."

As of now, it's still unclear when "The Big Dog" will be back inside of a WWE ring again.

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