Roman Reigns Comments on Future The Shield Reunions Now That Jon Moxley is in AEW

Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose had their final match as The Shield on April 21, 2019 during The Shield's Final Chapter WWE Network event. Within weeks Ambrose would leave WWE, revive his old wrestling name Jon Moxley and debut for All Elite Wrestling. During a recent fan Q&A with the Mania Club Facebook group, Reigns was asked about a possible Shield reunion down the line despite the fact that Moxley has emphatically stated he doesn't plan on ever going back to WWE.

"Well I guess Ambrose or Moxley really screwed that up," Reigns said somewhat jokingly (h/t Wrestling Inc.). "He messed around and just left us."

He then went on to say he doesn't believe the group will ever reunite in a WWE ring.

"I don't think The Shield will ever be recreated or brought back," Reigns said. "We were so good and honestly I think we did the reunion thing a few years ago a little too much. We're one of the only factions who came into it as no-namers and then walked out and had our final group hug as world champions."

Reigns is currently riding high as the newly-crowned WWE Universal Champion, while Moxley's reign as AEW World Champion recently surpassed six months. The only former Shield member without a championship right now is Rollins, who has been locked in a feud with the Mysterio family for months.

During the same interview, Reigns revealed that he has new entrance music on the way.

"The music, that's a little more than me just creating my own music," he said. "We've got to go through the channels with that one. At the same time, it's not like I came out and am an ultra bad guy. You've seen it in little steps, little layers. All the way up to this past week where you can see me really enjoying my cousin's company and the victory with him all the way to going through the process of 'that fool touched my title!'


"I want all the nuances to add up," he continued. "Because I am a full-time performer, you have to keep things fresh, every single week we have to do something new. So I decided to save the new music. Hopefully, down the line, once more drastic things happen and the story unfolds..."

"The Tribal Chief" will defend his Universal title against Jey Uso at the Clash of Champions pay-per-view this Sunday.