WWE Rumors Swirl About Roman Reigns And Vince McMahon's Relationship

Roman Reigns has been out of commission as he recovers from his leukemia, with the coronavirus pandemic making his return to the ring looking like it won't happen any time soon and it seems that rumors are beginning to swirl about how Vince McMahon feels about the professional wrestler's comeback. Reigns himself was originally slated to fight Goldberg for the Universal Championship Belt, with Braun Strowman filling in and subsequently defeating the spear wielding superstar in a quick match. With Money In The Bank slated to not feature Roman, we're left wondering just what the future holds for him within the company!

Vince McMahon's thoughts on Reigns' future return appear to "change daily and with the wind" according to one source who had inside knowledge of the President of the WWE's train of thought. Some of the evidence that fans have touted as Vince's ever changing thoughts on Roman include the superstar being left out of a recent compilation videos for the Make-A-Wish foundation, instead focusing on John Cena with his regular charity work. Reigns was also dealt a heavy blow in a recent 25th anniversary compilation for Triple H's career, with Roman's defeat of "The Game" being highlighted as one of his "most embarrassing moments".

This all really began when Roman Reigns was deleted from the "Cash-In" video that showed wrestlers using the "Money In The Bank" Title to get their shot at the World Championship Belt for themselves. With Drew McIntyre currently being the champion after defeating Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania, it will be interesting to see which wrestlers decide to try for a run at the belt!

While there haven't been any "hard or fast rules" to eliminate Reigns from the videos, there are apparently rules stating that announcers should not mention him during WWE events. Reigns himself was recently featured in the movie of Hobbs And Shaw, starring both Jason Statham and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson reprising their titular roles in this Fast And The Furious spin-off. With the coronavirus pandemic still putting a monkey wrench into a number of different entertainment industries, it will be interesting to see what rumors, if any, are true in these WWE developments.


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