WWE Royal Rumble: Uncle Howdy Missed LA Knight on His Stage Dive (Video)

Bray Wyatt was victorious over LA Knight in the Pitch Black Match at Saturday night's Royal Rumble. But Wyatt's torment of Knight didn't stop there, as he debuted a brand new mask and chased Knight away from the ring to a portion of the stage near the entrance ramp. After no-selling a few kendo stick shots, Wyatt finally attacked Knight and left him prone on the stage. Uncle Howdy then appeared on a platform above the stage and dove onto Knight, prompting pyro and flames to shoot off around the ring. 

At least, that's what it looked like if you were watching on TV. For the folks watching from inside the Alamodome, it was quickly apparent that Howdy completely missed Knight. You can see in the video below:

Howdy then appeared via video package after Alexa Bliss failed to beat Bianca Belair for the Raw Women's Championship. He once again mocked her by repeatedly asking, "Do you feel in charge?" Bliss has repeatedly tried to rebuke Howdy's influence. 

Wyatt finally got the chance to speak about the Howdy character on the Out of Character Podcast earlier this week. He explained (h/t WrestlingNews.co) "There's things about me that people don't understand. When they see all these chapters in myself, they kind of look at them as 'Oh, like split personalities or something like that.' If you ever met anyone with personalities, you would see that it's not so cut and dry. It's not so simple. It's not like a movie. I suffer from a diagnosis that I'm not going to share with people, and I like being the voice for people to see on a real basis instead of a cartoonish version. 

"But Uncle Howdy and Bray and all these things, these are all real," he continued. "They're based on moments and things that have really happened. The Uncle Howdy, there's so much more to it than you think. It's not just so cut and dry, the spooky man in the background. There's more to it. There's complexities that you haven't got to see yet. There's things that I don't understand about it, and that's the beauty of it. It's going to grow organically, but the story of it, I don't even think has been told yet. Once you understand what it really is and where it came from, in my childhood, and who Howdy really is, it's much deeper than you think it is, then you would perceive it to be."