Watch Sami Zayn Hit Roman Reigns' Superman Punch

The Honorary Uce has added one of the Tribal Chief's signature strikes to his arsenal. This past weekend at a WWE live event, Sami Zayn and the Usos took on Braun Strowman and the New Day in six-man tag action. Late into the match, the ring was cleared of all men except Zayn and Strowman, giving the two a small reignition of their rivalry from years past. With Strowman in a precarious position, Zayn smashed his fist to the mat akin to Roman Reigns readying his Superman Punch. As a dazed Strowman got back to his feet, Zayn landed the Superman punch to much fanfare.

You can watch the clip of Zayn's Superman punch below:

This past Friday on WWE SmackDown, Zayn won the favor of Reigns once again, as the Tribal Chief hinted as making Zayn a full-time Uso. While ecstatic, Zayn resisted as he wanted to maintain good favor with the Usos. Zayn offered an explanation for Jey Uso's erratic behavior lately, blaming it on the fact that he wasn't acting "very Ucey." This comment broke both Reigns and Jey, as they couldn't help but burst into laughter in the middle of the uber-serious segment.

While some may see Zayn's ability to break his stern stablemates as a negative, Zayn himself has emphasized that The Bloodline's on-air laughter is a sign of them all having fun.

"No no, people have made a big deal out of that, about the fact that they're seeing little chinks in the armor, but to be honest, the reason it's standing out so much is that it reminds the fans that the performers are really having fun doing this. It's something that they sometimes forget," Zayn said in a recent interview. "We're enjoying doing this too. There is a real life chemistry between myself and that whole family. We have always gotten along splendidly and it's nice to see that the fans are appreciating getting a window into that a little bit. I'll admit, once or twice, I'm going out of my way to try and get them to crack. Generally, that's something you have to tread cautiously because if you overdo that, it becomes…you're just not being professional. Little bits are good, but like anything else, it can be redundant if it's overdone or if you're not taking it seriously enough."

Zayn and The Bloodline can be seen on Fridays on WWE SmackDown.