WWE Announces Injury Updates for Sasha Banks and Big E

Both Big E and Sasha Banks were on the receiving ends of vicious attacks during last week's Friday Night SmackDown. Over the weekend WWE continued to update fans on both of their situations, stating they had both been taken to local medical facilities (i.e. hospitals) and had since been released. On Tuesday WWE.com posted an update for both competitors, giving both minor (storyline) injuries.

"WWE.com can now confirm that Sasha Banks has suffered a severe bone bruise in her knee and a compressed nerve in her neck following the brutal attack by Bayley on SmackDown," the update read. "We can also confirm that Big E suffered multiple lacerations and moderate-to-severe bruised ribs after the backstage assault by Sheamus."

E was lured backstage by Sheamus during the episode and was promptly driven through a car windshield. Meanwhile, Banks was attacked by Bayley after the pair failed to win back the Women's Tag Team Championships. That assault culminated in Bayley wrapping a steel chair around Banks' neck and jumping onto her from the top rope.

Banks, E and Bayley have been quiet on social media since the episode aired. Sheamus, on the other hand, has been poking fun at the situation.


While the Banks/Bayley storyline has been brewing for years, E has recently found himself in a unique situation where both Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are off television with injuries. Despite insistence from legends like Booker T, the eight-time tag team champion has refused to abandon his team and set out on his own.

"I can still do singles stuff and The New Day is still intact," E recently said while on the Table Talk podcast. "I'm prepared, of course, to do singles. I came in doing singles and never really saw myself as a tag team wrestler. But I love tag team wrestling and really grew to love it, but I'd love to do singles stuff, that'll be a lot of fun. But I still think we don't need to break up. We can do something similar to what Kofi did where we still stayed a faction, we were still together. So yeah man I'm ready for it."