WWE's Shinsuke Nakamura Earns Intercontinental Title Shot Against Gunther on SmackDown

It was a night of opportunity for Shinsuke Nakamura, as the former Intercontinental Champion had a chance to secure a shot at Gunther's Title in a match against Ludwig Kaiser on tonight's SmackDown. With the Ring General at ringside, Kaiser looked to make a statement early, but Nakamura wasn't letting a shot at the Intercontinental Championship pass him by. Nakamura would endure several big momentum shifts throughout the match, but no matter what Kaiser hit him with, Nakamura would make a comeback. Nakamura then delivered the Kinshasa and got the win, meaning he will face Gunther next week on SmackDown.

Nakamura and Kaiser locked up right off the bat and Kaiser looked to get the upper hand early, as he put pressure on Nakamura's wrist and head, following it up with elbows to the head. Kaiser connected with several stomps in the corner and then broke it up with a taunt to the crowd before following up with more stomps. Kaiser threw Nakamura in the other corner but Nakamura came back and started to get on a roll.

Nakamura knocked Kaiser down and went for the cover but Kaiser kicked out. Nakamura kept the momentum up, kicking Kaiser in the back of the neck and sending him to the mat from the ropes. Then he charged forward and avoided a counter from Kaiser and hit a German suplex on Kaiser before coming face to face with Gunther.

After some back and forth Kaiser hit a dropkick on Nakamura but quickly lost control after Nakamura hit a running knee. Nakamura charged up the crowd and went for the finisher but Kaiser countered with a European Uppercut and went for the cover but Nakamura kicked out.

Kaiser hit another German Suplex into a cover but Nakamura kicked out again. Kaiser set up for a finisher but Nakamura countered. Kaiser countered and then Nakamura knocked him down and hit the Kinshasa into a cover, and that was it for the pin and the win, earning Nakamura a Title shot at Gunther on next week's SmackDown.


Gunther got in the ring but Nakamura wasn't intimidated in the least, and now he is one step closer to becoming the new WWE Intercontinental Champion.

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