WWE's Apollo Crews Reveals Commander Azeez's In-Ring SmackDown Debut

Tonight Apollo Crews was set to defend his Intercontinental Championship against Kevin Owens, Sami [...]

Tonight Apollo Crews was set to defend his Intercontinental Championship against Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, and Big E, and it immediately devolved into chaos thanks to Owens. Owens went right to work charging at Crews, and then he switched things up and went after Zayn, who spent much of the early match knocked down outside of the ring. Eventually, Crews got the better of Owens, and Zayn was itching for the tag to get in on the action. He did just that, and Zayn and Crews looked pretty good working together as they kept Owens from tagging in Big E.

Owens got by Crews to tag in Big E, and Big E was feeling it, hitting Crews with suplexes and knocking Zayn off the apron, though Crews put a halt to the momentum by getting his knees up. Big E got back his rhythm though after catching Crews and slamming him down, but Crews returned the favor and showcased his impressive power with a suplex to E.

A missed spear sent Big E out of the ring to the floor, and when we returned from commercial break we see Owens back on the outside looking for a tag from Big E. He would finally get his chance, and tagged in for the opposing team was his forever nemesis Zayn, and both would get their moments to shine before Crews tagged back in.

Zayn would break up a pin by Owens and keep the match alive after a pop-up powerbomb, and Zayn would tag back in. Zayn would get a two count before Owens kicked out of a pin, and then a Blue Thunder Bomb almost sealed the deal but Big E broke it up. Then Crews would dive in but E sent him out of the ring. Then Owens came in hit Crews with a slam before pinning him, and that was it for the win.

Crews then took the mic and blamed his loss on Zayn, saying they should o it again next week, but this time the two of them would face Crews and Azeez. They accepted, but Zayn then picked up a mic and said Crews was trying to set him up. He wanted an apology, but Azeez attacked him and knocked him down to the mat.

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