WWE's Bianca Belair Beats Bayley in Hilarious Obstacle Course Match on SmackDown

One of SmackDown's more anticipated matches tonight happened to be the Ultimate Athlete Obstacle Course between Bayley and Bianca Belair, and it did not disappoint. Bayley introduced things for the timed challenge, which included a massive tire that had to be flipped down the ramp, and then wooden obstacles to hurdle over, followed by a Fireman's Carry portion involving Chad Gable. The final thing was putting a basketball through a hoop which would stop the timer, and the fastest person wins.

Bayley went first and went to lift the 400-pound tire, and then made her way to the footwork portion and then went to jump over the barriers, though she just went around them.

Then after some counsel from Gable she picked him up and carried him over the red line. Then she grabbed the basketball but missed the first time and made the second shot, coming in at 1 minute and 12 seconds.

Then it was Belair's turn, but Bayley changed things up. She customized the course with harder challenges, including full hurdles on the side that just held tiny ones during her run. Belair lifted the tire with ease and then jumped all the hurdles with more ease. She jumped over the wooden obstacles with ease too and then went to pick up Gable, but he had Otis come in.

She then picked up Otis and carried him across the finish line, and then with Bayley guarding her she soared past and dunked the ball with 17 seconds left to spare. Belair's celebration was cut short as Bayley attacked her, sending her into the pole of the basketball hoop, and that last shot seemed to do some damage.

Here's the official description for tonight's SmackDown.

Tonight at 8/7 CT on FOX, Intercontinental Champion Big E will put his title on the line against the win-at-all-costs Apollo Crews. Plus, Bianca Belair will compete against Bayley in an Ultimate Athlete Obstacle Course Challenge.

Here's the card:

Big E vs Apollo Crews (Intercontinental Championship Match)


Bianca Belair vs Bayley (Ultimate Athlete Obstacle Course)

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