WWE SmackDown: Firefly Fun House Expands on Alexa Bliss, Braun Strowman Situation

At the beginning of WWE SmackDown, there was a small update on the situation between Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss. After a recap of what happened on last week's show, Wyatt appeared on the screen from the Firefly Fun House set. WWE had advertised in advance that something would happen with the Fun House on tonight's show.

Wyatt talked about how he has received hate mail blaming him for what happened to Bliss. Instead, he said the blame should reside with Braun Strowman since he didn't do what was asked of him. In turn, he hurt someone that he really cared about.

Wyatt then said he would be here later with someone very special. He said Strowman needs to give him what he wants, or she will find out what he is really capable of.

What happens remains to be seen, but we will update readers when it does. Also scheduled for tonight's show is Matt Riddle vs. Sheamus and Baron Corbin vs. Jeff Hardy. Sheamus is coming off of his bar fight loss to Jeff Hardy a couple of weeks back, while Riddle continues to fight off all comers with Corbin still having a ransom on his head. Meanwhile, Corbin interrupted Hardy last week fresh off his victory against Sheamus and dampened the mood. Hardy's character will be out for revenge.

Plus, The Miz and John Morrison host a "Dirt Sheet" segment with Sonya Deville.