WWE SmackDown: Natalya and Tamina Become New Women's Tag Team Champions

Tonight's SmackDown didn't take long to put some Championship gold on the line, as the first match of the night was a match for the Women's Tag Team Championships between Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax against Natalya and Tamina. Baszler and Jax were in lethal mode tonight, and they immediately did some damage to the pair with a big Samoan Drop to Tamina on the outside of the ring that left Natalya in a two-on-one scenario, and Baszler and Jax quickly capitalized. They kept Natalya in their corner and switched up on doing damage to her arm and wrist, and Baszler was looking pretty confident about their win.

Tamina came back with a vengeance though, and once she got the tag she started hitting Baszler with a flurry of offense and power. At one point she went to capitalize by heading to the ropes, but Baszler caught her foot before she could launch, and she went to work on it.

Baszler twisted Tamina's foot and Tamina was clearly in pain, but Tamina managed to kick her off with her other foot. Jax then got involved but Natalya dished out some handy offense to keep things honest.

At that point everyone was dishing out moves, and when Jax got in the ring with Tamina, Natalya went to help her teammate once more, but Baszler pulled her away. Natalya got the better of the exchange though and hit Baszler with a German Suplex on the outside of the ring.


Then Jax went to slam Natalya to the mat but Tamina launched and came down hard on Jax, and it was enough to keep her down for the 3 count, making Natalya and Tamina the new Women's Tag Team Champions.

Natalya and Tamina are two long time stars in WWE, and this is the first Championship of Tamina's WWE career. Both stars were clearly emotional after the big win, and Natalya and Tamina both gave impassioned promos as they held their titles.