WWE SmackDown Reveals New Hacker Teaser Video

Tonight's SmackDown included yet another tease of the mysterious hacker that has been watching everyone and everything happening on SmackDown, at least according to the latest teaser. We again see the hooded figure look up at several screens, which are all filled with SmackDown superstars, with footage directly from tonight's episode. The Hacker's cloaked voice then plays and says "They want to know who I am. I am everywhere. I see everyone. I hear everything. I am truth, and no one is safe." You can check out the full teaser video below.

The teaser doesn't really give us any new clues in regards to the identity of the hacker, but who knows, perhaps there is a clue hidden somewhere in the teaser that I missed.

"No one is safe. #SmackDown"

A recent rumor from The Wrestling Observer says that the hacker might be Mustafa Ali, though another superstar is rumored to also be part of the group, and that would be Chad Gable.

"The rumor going around is Mustafa Ali is behind this," the newsletter stated. "But there’s also been talk it may end up as both Ali and a remade Chad Gable, since the Shorty G gimmick needs to be done away with anyway."

The Shorty G thing has definitely run its course, but he does seem an odd fit at first glance for this gimmick. Ali makes perfect sense, as his thing has always been shining light and the truth, so this is an interesting but somehow still natural evolution of that.

You can find the official description of tonight's SmackDown below.

"Otis brings his Money in the Bank contract to "Miz TV," Charlotte Flair returns to SmackDown and a tournament to crown a new Intercontinental Champion begins on FOX."

The full SmackDown card is as follows.


Intercontinental Championship Tournament: Baron Corbin vs Elias
Otis and Mystery Partner vs Miz and Morrison
Charlotte Flair Returns to SmackDown

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