WWE SmackDown Ends in Chaos After Retribution Destroys The Ring With A Chainsaw

This past Monday night during Raw, WWE fans got their first look at the new faction "Retribution" by way of some security footage that found the group setting fire to an electrical generator outside of the WWE Performance Center by way of molotov cocktails. During Friday night SmackDown, the group continued to make their presence felt. Following an in-ring segment where Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville brawled, the two were backstage in a pull apart when the lights started flickering.

Back in the arena, the five members of Retribution appeared. They began to lay waste to the SmackDown set. They destroyed the ring. They took spray paint to the plexiglass barriers surrounding the ring. And they even attacked some of the NXT wrestlers standing in as fans at ringside.

There was even a chainsaw for some reason.

Check out the highlights below.


A quick glance at social media reveals a steep divide among wrestling fans on what they saw here. Some thought it was too over the top. Some thought it was too nonsensical (where'd that chainsaw come from anyway?). Others thought it was overtly political based on what has been happening in the United States of late. One thing is for sure, though. It was certainly memorable.

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