WWE SmackDown: Kevin Owens Calls Roman Reigns a B****; Gets TLC Title Shot

Tonight's episode of WWE SmackDown kicked off with an interview with Roman Reigns with Kayla Braxton. She asked him what happened last week and then rolled the footage of Roman giving Jey an earful about the locker room not fearing him and respecting him, and thus not respecting or fearing Roman. We then saw Jey unleash against Otis, smashing him with a chair several times, followed by his attack on Daniel Bryan and finally his defeat at the hands of Kevin Owens. Owens then called out Roman and bashed Jey with the chair while Roman watched, and tonight he addressed Owens' words. Roman looked displeased with Jey, and when Braxton asked if he feared Kevin, Roman laughed and then said: "so this is probably the biggest thing you've done on SmackDown, the most relevant you've ever been, and you come in here and ask me stupid questions."

"Michael Cole could've done this job but we take a chance letting you talk to me and you blow it with, next question." She then asks if it's a possibility that he's using Jey as a pawn and manipulating him. Roman then said, "I don't mean any disrespect, but do I look like a manipulator?" He then asked if she had done any research and told Paul to handle this amateur.

Heyman then started in on talking about analytics and ratings with Fox, saying they were the highest of the year and that's because of Jey Uso. He then said Roman is a motivator and has inspired them, but the speech was interrupted by Kevin Owens.

Owens said, "you know last week I made it pretty clear I don't fear you, and since you don't fear me, I figured since you didn't come to me last week, I figured I'd come to you so we can settle this right here and right now."

Heyman gave a mic to Roman, but Jey snatched it out of his hand, which upset Roman. Jey said we could handle it, but Owens said "I'm not talking to the busboy, I'm talking to the head of the table. If not now, I've got just the place. TLC. And let's not stop there Roman. You're the head of the table or so you claim. Let's get a table in there. Let's get some chairs. Put that title on the line and you and I settle this like men. What do you say?"

"I bet you want to fight me right now," Reigns said. "That's the best thing for your career. I've trained my cousin well. We don't fear any man. He said we accept, and I'm telling you right now the head of the table accepts. But there's a time and a place for everything, and the time's not right. Do I look like a savage? I'm a gentleman. There's a lady in the room. Grow up.

Roman then started to walk out and Owens interrupted, saying "you want me to grow up? Right now it's clear to everyone that you're not a gentleman, you're just a b****."

Reigns continued to walk away, but he was looking pretty angry.

Here's the official description for tonight's SmackDown.

A tribute to WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson, a rematch between Murphy vs. King Corbin and a main event tag team showdown pitting Kevin Owens & Otis against Universial Champion Roman Reigns & Jey Uso. Don't miss SmackDown, tonight at 8/7C on FOX.

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