WWE Star in Attendance for Jon Moxley's Recent Match

Some professional wrestling bonds go beyond company boundaries. While Jon Moxley's WWE days are in the rear view, one of his frequent co-pilots is still making efforts to support his long-time friend. WWE star Seth Rollins was spotted at Game Changer Wrestling's most recent event, GCW Homecoming, watching Moxley's title bout against challenger Effy. 

Rollins did not make a live appearance for the crowd, as he was just viewing the main event bout from behind the backstage curtain.

That bout would conclude with Moxley retaining his GCW World Championship in an expectedly brutal bout, ending with Mox headbutting Effy to secure the 1-2-3. After the bell, Nick Gage would return to GCW, confronting Moxley and teasing a rematch between the two death match legends.

Rollins and Moxley's friendship dates back decades. Before the two teamed in The Shield, the former Tyler Black and Dean Ambrose had a lengthy feud in Florida Championship Wrestling, which would be revisited on WWE's main roster on multiple occasions. Rollins even name-dropped his former tag partner on a past episode of Monday Night Raw, notably referring to him as "Mox" rather than Dean Ambrose.

"It's an just an easter egg, I think, for some of the fans that have enjoyed [The Shield] and stuck around, followed us for years and stuff like that. It would be very easy to tell the story of The Tribal Chief versus The Visionary," Rollins said of his feud with Roman Reigns. "That's a simple story and obvious for those who watch on a weekly basis but if you follow the industry and you pay attention and you know where we came from, you know there was a third guy in the mix. I'm not going to sit here and ignore that history, I'm going to bring that up because I think that's important. And I think people who care about that appreciate it. It's one of those things where it was on the tip of my tongue, it made sense, so it came."

Moxley noted that he does keep in touch with his former stablemates, even if they only converse every couple of months.

"Very occasionally. Seth's about to have a kid, so that's cool. You just get in this world and you get really busy, especially in a pandemic world, everyone is in their own little bubbles," Moxley said in 2021. "That's the good thing about wrestling: it's never goodbye, it's just see you along the way. When you go through certain things with people, you're always bonded."

This is a far cry from how Rollins spoke of Moxley and All Elite Wrestling around the time of the company's inception in 2019, where he proclaimed that he and WWE "are going to knock them dead."

"Now he's competition and trying to take dinner off my table and good on him," Rollins said in 2019.

Moxley currently reigns as Interim AEW World Champion and is on a collision course with Lineal AEW World Champion CM Punk. Rollins is in the midst of a feud with Riddle on Raw.