WWE SummerSlam: New Stipulation Added to Seth Rollins vs. Dominick Mysterio

WWE is teasing an appearance by Rey Mysterio this Monday night on Raw in advance of his son's match with Seth Rollins at SummerSlam. Last week saw Dominick Mysterio receive a brutal beating at the hands of Rollins and his crew, and now WWE has announced a new stipulation for their match at SummerSlam in just eight days. Dominick vs. Rollins will now be a Street Fight per an announcement on social media Saturday morning.

Via WWE.com:


At SummerSlam, Dominik Mysterio will compete in his first WWE match against one of the greatest — and most depraved — Superstars of the modern era in Seth Rollins. And it will not just be any regular contest — it will be a Street Fight.

For Dominik, this battle is more than personal, it’s family. After the brutal conclusion to the Eye for an Eye Match at The Horror Show at WWE Extreme Rules, Rollins' vicious attacks on Dominik’s father, the legendary Rey Mysterio, finally reached a terrifying conclusion.

With the iconic luchador’s sight and career in jeopardy, Dominik was finally pushed too far and began to defend his father’s legacy and livelihood on his own.

As Rollins and his disciple, Murphy, repeated their attack on Aleister Black’s eye, Dominik literally came out swinging and scattered the sanctimonious duo with a Kendo stick attack. Rollins and Murphy had their revenge, brutalizing Dominik with one of the most vicious Kendo stick beatings ever carried out in a squared circle.

It was clear a rivalry this volatile could only be settled one way — a Street Fight.

Will Dominik’s rage carry him to a win over the sadistic Superstar? Or will Rollins make the younger Mysterio suffer a similar fate to his father?

Catch the heated showdown and all of SummerSlam streaming live on the award-winning WWE Network on Sunday, Aug. 23, at 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT.

In addition to the teases for a Rey Mysterio appearance on Monday night, WWE has announced Shawn Michaels' return to television for the show on the USA Network.