WWE SummerSlam: Mandy Rose Defeats Sonya Deville In Loser Leaves WWE Match

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose collided in a match that they have both dreamed of for years on Sunday night at WWE SummerSlam. The two real life best friends have long talked about building a program together, and they started building that story several months ago when Deville turned on Mandy and went heel in the process. That feud came to a head at the Amway Center in WWE's new ThunderDome at the second biggest PPV show of the year. Given the horrific events that happened in both women's real lives last week, it's a testament to each of them for going through with the match.

The early portion of the match was dominated by Rose, who showed a more aggressive side than she has before as they fought around the ringside area. Deville turned the tide back in the ring and locked on a Dragon Sleeper to really take advantage.

However, Mandy wasn't down long. They fought to the outside again, where a table was set-up from earlier in the match. After slapping Deville's face into the announce table, Mandy layed Deville across the table near the ring. Deville rolled off, though, so Mandy took out a steel chair. She threw it across the table but Sonya ducked. She did it again, and Sonya ducked once more. Sonya then tossed the table out of the way and took advantage with a kick.

Back in the ring, Rose turned the tide and hit three running knee strikes. She hit a double underhook slam, then screamed at Sonya "Come on! What do you got?!" and hit another running knee and covered for the pinfall.


Afrer the match, Sonya rolled out of the ring frustrated, slamming her fists on the announce table. The stipulation for the match means that Sonya is now "out" of WWE.

Otis celebrated with Mandy in the ring afterwards, with each of them exchanging dance moves.