WWE SummerSlam Virtual Meet And Greet Gives Fans Access For A Price

World Wrestling Entertainment has had to make a number of changes in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, and it seems as if the upcoming SummerSlam event is giving fans the opportunity to meet some of their favorite super stars virtually before the annual Pay Per View Event takes place. With events within the WWE having to change how folks attend their matches, as well as how they are ultimately recorded, this Virtual Meet & Greet will give fans an opportunity to sit down with wrestlers such as Drew McIntyre, Braun Strowman, Baylery, Seth Rollins, and Keith Lee!

SummerSlam is hinting at a big time ticket for the upcoming annual event, which is featuring bouts such as the re-match between Strowman and Bray Wyatt, Dominik Mysterio battling against Seth Rollins in a "Street Fight" to avenge the near loss of his father's eye, and more matches that has fans excited for what many consider to be the biggest WWE event outside of Wrestlemania. For $125 USD, fans have the opportunity to speak for two minutes with the aforementioned five wrestlers, though these are selling out fast as audiences are leaping at the possibility of sitting down and chatting with some of their favorite brawlers!

WWE has shared the opportunity for fans to dive into this Virtual Meet & Greet that will let fans speak online with a roster of heavy hitters that have some big matches coming up at SummerSlam, with the virtual chats taking place from Saturday to Monday during the main events:

World Wrestling Entertainment has managed to often weave straw into gold during the coronavirus pandemic, creating pre-recorded matches such as the "Boneyard Match" and "Firefly Funhouse Match" that have become fan favorites since COVID-19 has caused so many industries to have to change up how they deliver their material. With nearly every Pay Per View Event this year having at least one of the pre-recorded matches, we fully expect SummerSlam to have another before the night is through.

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