Will Dominik Mysterio Debut a Lucha Mask at WWE SummerSlam?

Dominik Mysterio has quite the beef with WWE wrestler Seth Rollins and the protege and son of fabled grappler Rey Mysterio might be hinted at not only avenging his father's recent loss, but also donning the mask himself according to the creator of Rey's iconic mask in Hayashi Masahiro. The "costume maker" and "gear designer" has had a long relationship with Rey Mysterio and is definitely in the father and son's corner when it comes to the upcoming match, which may prove to be the handing off of the torch from the old generation of luchador to the new!

The rivalry between Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins came to a head recently at the "Horror Show" at WWE's Extreme Rules Pay Per View event during a match that was labeled "Eye for an Eye". With the only way to win being to take your opponent's eye, Rollins and Mysterio had a knock down, drag out fight that resulted in Mysterio losing both the match, and the use of his eye. Luckily for Rey, he was able to keep the eye and his son, Dominik, is looking to exact some bloody vengeance in the upcoming Summer Slam Pay Per View with the "Street Fight", which will most likely be pre-recorded. With the pre-recorded matches being so successful for World Wrestling Entertainment, we're looking forward to seeing where this match goes for both wrestlers!

The Instagram Account for Hayashi Masahiro shared the below image that says it is "now Dominik's turn" at the upcoming event, implying that the younger Mysterio might be donning the mask of his father and continuing the professional wrestling legacy of the Mysterio clan:

(Photo: Hayashi Masahiro)

This is far from the first time that Dominik has been a part of his father's career in the WWE, having actually been a part of an insane match years before in 2005 that saw Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero fighting for custody of the then young boy. Needless to say, wrestling has been in Dominik's blood and it certainly wouldn't be surprising to see him take his father's mask and become the new "Mysterio" of World Wrestling Entertainment.

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