WWE 24/7 Champion Doug Flutie Drives Batmobile Around Tampa for Super Bowl 2021

WWE 24/7 Champion Doug Flutie decided to take a cruise around Tampa in the Batmobile ahead of the [...]

WWE 24/7 Champion Doug Flutie decided to take a cruise around Tampa in the Batmobile ahead of the Super Bowl according to TMZ. The entire sports entertainment world has gone down to Florida to see who will prevail in a battle between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs. But, the WWE fans around for the festivities got treated to a bunch of title changes during the various events. First Flutie actually managed to roll up R-Truth during a Charity Flag Football game. He held the belt high at halftime, but things are never straight-forward with the 24/7 Championship. Later in the same event, the teammates crossed paths again. R-Truth would end up getting the last laugh as he reclaimed his title and caught the former NFL star slipping. It's not all bad though, at least Flutie still has that sweet ride to cruise around in.

Last Monday actually saw Peter Rosenberg manage to pin R-Truth during the Royal Rumble. It's a bit of a journey, but the radio personality actually distracted the Superstar by telling him that John Cena was in the building. Once that was deployed, he managed to get a referee over to the booth and low blow R-Truth for the belt. Rosenberg's reign was short-lived though. It seems as though the forever 24/7 Champion will always find a way to sneak up and take his title back when his opponent least expects it.

The belt's history has been a bit contentious among fans. Going back to the day it was unveiled by Mick Foley during Monday Night Raw. But, that seemed to be a case of the fans getting excited about something that was realistically never going to happen. Still, the WWE Hall of Famer admits that hinting at a new title that wasn't going to be the Hardcore belt might have been a mistake.

"Now I understood to a certain extent that we were baiting and switching people by making them think they were going to get the Hardcore Title, but I did not know the extent of the vitriol I would receive," Foley told the crowd at a previous Starrcast III panel.

"First of all I got lost about five times during my promo, I really did," he added. "I've never felt so lost. I was scrambling to cover points and it was too serious a promo for a comedic title. But they started getting with it when I said 'It's something you defend, you're not just a champion in the ring, you're a champion when you're eating breakfast, when you're sleeping, when you're training, round the clock, 24 hours a day.' I could feel the crowd like, 'Ohhh.' [I said] 'Seven days a week and I present to you...' it was almost like a big drum roll, 'the 24/7 title!' And if you audibly hear the oxygen leaving a giant arena, oh man that's exactly what happened that night."

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