WWE Super Showdown: Did Goldberg Lose a Tooth?

WWE Super Showdown just ended and while Goldberg picked up the victory, he may have lost a tooth. During the WWE World Title match between Goldberg and Bray Wyatt, the Hall of Fame superstar took a mandible claw that may require him to get some dental surgery. Goldberg speared The Fiend four times and then flipped him over in a pseudo jackhammer, but Fiend did get some offense in. Fiend hit Goldberg with two mandible claws, the second of which is what looked like Goldberg losing the tooth. We never saw Goldberg pick it up, so somewhere on the mat is a random tooth most likely, and fans are having a field day with it...in between trying to process what happened everywhere else during the match.

We've included some of our favorite reactions to Goldberg's tooth below, starting with this very shocked response from @FranklinTimothy. "Did
@Goldberg spit out a tooth during that mandible claw #WWESSD".

It went by extremely quick, so some are just trying to figure out if it actually happened, like @Awes0mem0hawk, who asked "Did anyone else see goldbergs tooth fall out"

@OhThatTom93 pointed out that Goldberg did still win the belt, but had to pay a price for it, saying "GOLDBERG Just won the #UniversalChampion but did he spit a tooth out? #WWESSD"

@StachesStashes said "did goldberg lose a tooth? oh my fucking god im done with this bullshit #wwessd #UniversalTitle"

@GoodManBill added "Did anyone else see Goldberg lose a tooth in that match? Man comes to Saudi and keeps getting bumps #saudi #wwe #WWESuperShowDown #Goldberg #TheFiend"

That was crazy, and honestly we didn't think that Goldberg would take the victory or lose a tooth in the process, so it seems WWE Super Showdown was just full of surprises.


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