WWE Reportedly Ready to Revive Tag Team Division

2018 saw WWE fully invest in a Women's Revolution. And in 2019, WWE's tag team division may see a [...]

2018 saw WWE fully invest in a Women's Revolution. And in 2019, WWE's tag team division may see a similar renaissance.

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE has promised the tag teams that better days are ahead.

"That's the idea is that they're going to start promoting the tag team division. That's what they're telling all the tag teams. Yeah, they're doing it, they're going to start building up the division. That's why we got Dozovic and those guys. We got Hawkins and Ryder back together. Everyone was waiting for Hawkins and Ryder's return."

It's hard to say, but WWE wanting to spread the love to the tag teams could correlate with The Revival requesting to be released earlier this month. While they have certainly been neglected, the reason for them seeking an exit was more about how WWE treats tag team wrestling as a whole, rather than their own personal plights.

There's no shortage of talent in WWE' tag ranks as teams like The New Day, The Usos, and The Bar consist of Hall of Fame pairings. Teams like The Revival and now Heavy Machinery have yet to fully establish themselves but they have proven in NXT that that are capable of making a lasting impression.

But WWE ignoring the tag division is hardly a new thing. Vince McMahon & Co. are in the business of making solo star, and history has shown us that tag team wrestling has been nothing more than an appetizer on WWE's menu.

"To be honest I don't know how much Vince will ever focus on tag team wrestling because I don't think he sees much in it," said WWE Hall of Famer Edge on his podcast. There can be, we've proven there can be. The Rock n Roll Express has proven there can be and the Hardys and the Dudleys and the Road Warriors and there's a lot of instances that have proven that tag team wrestling and I know Steve Austin would be the first one to throw his hat in this ring. Tag team wrestling can be the best match on the show bar-none," he said.

To Edge, WWE will acknowledge a hot tag team, but it's up to the duo to make the magic happen naturally, usually without the help of WWE.

"Especially when it's done by two guys like that and they have the right opponents it can be a magical, magical within this industry. You can tell a different type of story with more than just two people and I don't think Vince has ever seen it that way. I think any time tag team wrestling has made any headway on the show it's happened almost by accident or without anybody realizing that it's happening," he said.

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