The Undertaker Reveals the Truth About His Supposed Fear of Cucumbers

The Undertaker has revealed the truth about his supposed fear of cucumbers. He talked to Barstool Sports’ wildly popular podcast Pardon My Take to promote the Undertaker: The Last Ride docuseries on WWE Network. Now, it’s long been whispered that The Deadman isn’t too fond of the vegetable. A man so physically imposing would probably have a couple of fears, but no one would have really guessed cucumbers. It turns out the Barstool hosts managed to get him to clear the air when it came to the pesky greens that seem to plague his dreams. Luckily for Taker, the days of having one of his adversaries use that against him are probably in the past, but you never really know.

“Okay let’s get this straight...I’m not scared of cucumbers. I just don’t like cucumbers, okay?” he began. But, what would happen if someone brought one in at that moment? “I’ll probably leave the room, but I’m not gonna run...If they’re whole, that’s one thing. But if they’re cut up...”

Bruce Prichard, a long-time WWE official, talked about Taker’s beef with cucumbers on his “Something to Wrestle With” podcast. Owen Hart is apparently quite the prankster according to the story.

“Owen put cucumbers in the bottom of the iced tea so that when Taker drank the tea and drank it back, he didn’t realize the cucumbers were in there until it was looking at his face,” Prichard explained. Conrad Thompson would also joke about Hart’s torment in other ways. He said that cucumbers would find their way into Taker’s boots and he wouldn’t find out until it was much too late. If all this weren’t bad enough, it’s also whispered that Hart would wrestle The Deadman with the veggie in his tights and produce them while he had the larger wrestler at his mercy.

Paul Bearer was Taker’s longtime onscreen manager and confirmed the iced tea story back in 2013. In that interview with Jim Cornette he said, ““He cannot stand cucumbers … I saw The Undertaker throw up all over a waffle house because there was a cucumber floating in his iced tea… It was something to do with when he was a kid … I guess his mother made him eat them when he didn’t want them, or something. He just hates cucumbers.”


Now, this is all pretty wild, but The Demon of Death Valley is allowed to have any fear he chooses. It just so happens that he’s not too fond of that strange vegetable. But, I wouldn’t want to be the one to call him scared to his face.

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