WWE: Undertaker Looked Frustrated and Unhappy After Goldberg Super Showdown Match

One of the most anticipated matches of the WWE's recent Super Showdown was the matchup between Undertaker and Goldberg, and while it was certainly memorable, it was so for all the wrong reasons. The main attraction of the night ended up becoming notable for botches and blood more than high impact moments, even with its brief match time. No one seemed to know this more than the Undertaker, whose face after pinning Goldberg pretty much spelled out his thoughts and reaction to the match live on TV, and quickly spread all over social media.

As you can see in the screenshot below, his face pretty much says it all. After pinning Goldberg Undertaker sits up and looks visibly annoyed and displeased with how things played out, and you can easily understand why.

It wasn't the most riveting match up until the halfway point, but despite a botched submission move and Goldberg being opened up considerably by the ring post, it was still on track for a nostalgia play match more than anything. That's when things went off the rails though.

(Photo: WWE)

It seems Goldberg really did a number on himself when he hit that post, losing a considerable amount of blood and also just giving himself a stunner. Perhaps that's why when he went for the Jackhammer he failed to get Undertaker up all the way, and while he completed the move he brought down Undertaker down awkwardly, more on his head than on his back.

Granted, that was after taking an ugly looking Tombstone Piledriver from the Undertaker, which also just didn't look right.

Goldberg would then try and hit Undertaker with his own Tombstone Piledriver, but when he went to get him up on his shoulders he collapsed, sending Undertaker to the ground and falling back on the mat himself, looking completely spent.


At this point, Undertaker hit him with a Choke Slam and called it a night, and as you can see in the image above, looked frustrated by the final product.

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