Bray Wyatt Hints at What Happened at WrestleMania 37 With Alexa Bliss

WrestleMania 37 opened with yet another chapter in the ongoing storyline surrounding The Fiend and Alexa Bliss, and once again fans were left with more questions than answers. Wyatt arrived for his match against Randy Orton by transforming back into a fully-healed version of The Fiend and easily bashed the former world champion in and around the ring. But just as he was about to hit Sister Abigail and put Orton away pyro shot off from the four corner posts. Suddenly Bliss was in a new, darker outfit with a crown around her head that began bleeding black liquid down her face.

Orton used this distraction to hit a quick RKO and score the victory, leaving Wyatt in the ring to stare at this new form of Bliss. The two vanished before anything else could happen, leaving fans at Raymond James Stadium confused (and annoyed, since the booing started shortly after).

Has Alexa Bliss turned on The Fiend? Is she now the long-awaited version of Sister Abigail that fans have been theorizing about for years? Is there suddenly a romantic angle to all of this. It's still unclear, though Wyatt did take to Twitter on Monday to post a famous portrait of the biblical characters Samson and Delilah. For those who don't know the story, Delilah robs Samson of his god-given strength by cutting his hair while he's sleeping. So perhaps the finish was meant to be a betrayal on Bliss' behalf.

In an interview with ComicBook last week, Bliss revealed that she pitched to work with Wyatt years before it actually happened and that WWE initially shot it down.


"So years ago we pitched an idea to have me come in because I was doing the Harley Quinn thing, and he thought it would be a fun dynamic, but it never really got off the ground," Bliss said. "They already had plans for me. This was right before my first title win, so this was leading up to TLC against Becky. So obviously WWE had other plans for me. Which, I'm actually really happy that I didn't join Bray when I did, because I think the fact that Braun and I were Mixed Match Challenge partners. The fact that I was so confident in my character at the time and the fact that Nikki and I had a past and all these things contribute to the character now."

"So I don't think back then it would have worked with me," Bliss said. "I don't think it would've made sense. I don't think it would've worked. And we didn't know if it was going to work this time, but obviously, we both worked really hard creating this dynamic between the two of us, and I think it's been a lot of fun."