Report: WWE WrestleMania 37 Backup Location Plans Underway

WWE WrestleMania 37 is set to take place at the new SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California next March. However, delays to the grand opening of the stadium, as well as comments from local politicians that mass gatherings could be banned in the area for upwards of another year due to the coronavirus pandemic have started to cause some worry about next year's big WWE show being able to take place at the venue. Clearly, nobody can predict what the next year will bring as it relates to COVID-19, but WWE would like to have their plans ironed out if the show is able to happen.

With the possibility of the show happening in California looking a little dicey right now, WrestleVotes reports that WWE has begun looking at backup plans for a different venue in case they have to move locales.

From the Twitter account, which has broken several WWE stories in the past:

From our earlier story on WrestleMania 37...

We are just a couple of weeks past what was the most unusual WrestleMania of all time due to the coronavirus pandemic, and there's already talk that next year's WrestleMania could be facing some difficulty. Slated for the new SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California, WrestleMania 37 is scheduled to take place on March 28th, 2021. However, that date would appear to already have some hurdles due to some comments made by politicians in the Los Angeles area, and now, a delay of the opening of the stadium itself.


Taylor Swift was set to open the venue with two concerts on July 25th and July 26th this summer. However, those dates have now been cancelled, with SoFi Stadium releasing a statement on Twitter noting they would be rescheduled to "a future date in 2021."

Earlier this week, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said that it is possible that the city will not authorize large gatherings for concerts and sporting events until one year from now. If that happens in Los Angeles, right next to Inglewood, it would seem to put a March 28th date for WrestleMania 37 in jeopardy. However, any of that happenings remains to be seen based on what happens with the pandemic in the months ahead.