WrestleMania 37: Randy Orton Showers Bad Bunny With Praise After His WWE Debut

Grammy-winning rapper Bad Bunny shined in his WWE in-ring debut at WrestleMania 37 on Saturday night, hitting a flourish of moves on both The Miz and John Morrison before picking up the tag team victory alongside Damian Priest. His performance attracted the attention of numerous wrestlers across the industry and even earned praise from veterans like Randy Orton. "The Viper" appeared on Sunday's edition of The Bump and choose to congratulate Bunny rather than hype up his match with The Fiend.

"I don't have nothing to say to him [The Fiend]," Orton said. "What I would like to say, and this is going to be completely off-topic, but we've had a lot of celebrities over the years come in here and try to step into our world and do what we do. Because anyone can do it, right? We make it look easy but it is not. For the first time in this manner, I can say that seeing Bad Bunny come into our world, seeing him completely halt his music schedule, his touring, any kind of thing he had going on, he stopped it dead in its tracks so he could get in the ring. I've seen him in there with trainers, trying to get as good as he can get, two, three, four, fives hours a day. That impresses me.

"And I've got to say, thank you Bad Bunny for having respect for what I do and what everyone else in the locker room does and what WWE does," he continued. "I appreciate him as a fan, but now I can look over at him and call him a fellow performer in my world."

Orton's mentor Triple H echoed a similar sentiment on Twitter.


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