WWE Announces New WrestleMania 37 Ticket Sale Date

WWE is looking to have this year's WrestleMania have a physical audience and has just let fans [...]

WWE is looking to have this year's WrestleMania have a physical audience and has just let fans know when they can expect to pick up tickets of their own, which may shock wrestling fans as the date is far sooner than many might have expected. With the card for WrestleMania 37 still up in the air, though we have confirmation on a few matches such as Roman Reigns vs Edge for the Universal Championship Belt, it's clear that World Wrestling Entertainment is attempting to create an event that takes us back to the Pre-COVID era for the organization.

World Wrestling Entertainment was hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, like so many other industries in entertainment, but the organization was able to make several changes to roll with the punches. During last year's WrestleMania, we witnessed some of the best matches in the company's history that were pre-recorded to take into account COVID-19, with the Firefly Funhouse match between John Cena and The Fiend, as well as the Boneyard Match between the Undertaker and AJ Styles. With fans returning for this upcoming major event, it will be interesting to see how the WWE takes this into account with this year's WrestleMania.

WWE announced that tickets will go on sale this Friday, March 19th via their Official Twitter Account beginning at 10 AM Eastern time in the US, with the prices ranging from $35 to $2500 USD through the website of Ticketmaster in Tampa Bay, Florida:

Throughout the past year, we've seen the WWE implement a number of new changes that have been beneficial for the company, not only with pre-recorded matches but also with the "Thunderdome" which allowed the organization to create an audience virtually with fans watching from the comfort of their own homes. With vaccines for the coronavirus spreading across the world, it's clear that the WWE is wasting little time in attempting to return to a sense of normalcy with their biggest event of the year.

WrestleMania has yet to reveal what the World Heavyweight Championship match will be, but we would imagine we'll get that news sooner rather than later.

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