WWE's Alexa Bliss Reveals How Nikki Cross Tag Team Came to Be

Before being snatched away by the current Women's Tag Team Champions Bayley and Sasha Banks, the team of Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross had a strong reign with the titles. But how did this seemingly mismatched pair come together in the first place? Speaking with ComicBook.com's Matt Aguilar, Alexa Bliss actually explained how their tag team came to be in the first place. As she states, the surprise of their team extends pretty far back. Especially when it was revealed to the Superstars that there would be a Women's Tag Division in the first place.

As Bliss broke it down, the biggest surprise of all for her was liking working in a team in the first place, "[T]he biggest surprise is how much I like being in a tag team because I was never really in a tag team before. We didn't really have a tag division and we didn't have a lot of tag teams since I started."

Elaborating further, Bliss stated the excitement surrounding the new tag division, "...until The IIconics came to NXT is the first time I had been in the business, and we had like an actual tag team that pushed for a tag division and always wanted to be a tag team. So we never really prepared ourselves a tag division because there just wasn't one."

WWE Alexa Bliss Nikki Cross
(Photo: WWE)

As Bliss explained, she and Cross approached Vince McMahon about working together, "I really like working with Nikki. We both asked to work with each other. I went to Vince and I was like, 'I know I'm not going to be in the title picture anytime soon. So if I could work with Nikki Cross that'd be fantastic because I think it's really important.' Because she was brand new on the roster at the time. 'I think it's really important to showcase our new talent and to give everyone opportunities.' Not saying she got the opportunity because of me whatsoever, but it'd be fun to work with a new tag."


As for how well the two of them are getting along, Bliss revealed that she and Nikki Cross have gotten much closer during their time as a team together, "[I]t's been a lot of fun working with Nikki, and we've actually become actual friends, which is fantastic. And we have a lot of fun together, and we travel together, and I think that shows on camera that we have actual chemistry with each other, that we weren't paired together for work. We're paired together as friends and we have a great time together."

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