Rey (Star Wars)

Real Name: Rey (Star Wars) Identities: Rey (Star Wars) First Appearance: Episode VII, Part I The Force Awakens Issue Appearances Composite ? N/A
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Groups: Resistance (Star Wars)

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Issue Name Issue Number Cover Date
Episode VII, Part I The Force Awakens 1 August, 2016
Episode VII, Part II The Force Awakens 2 September, 2016
Episode VII, Part III The Force Awakens 3 October, 2016
Episode VII, Part IV The Force Awakens 4 November, 2016
Episode VII, Part VI The Force Awakens 6 January, 2017
Episode VII, Part V The Force Awakens 5 December, 2016
Star Wars Adventures (2017) Issue 1 1 September, 2017
Star Wars Adventures (2017) Issue 2 2 September, 2017