Watch: One Piece Debuts Sanji's Stunning Raid Suit Transformation

One Piece's Whole Cake Island arc surprised with a huge amount of developments for Sanji, whose past had been kept a secret throughout the entire series up until that point. It was revealed that he was actually a member of the infamous Vinsmoke Family, and what's more is that his father and siblings actually had a ton of technologically advanced weapons that made them much stronger. This was best represented in the Raid Suits of Germa 66, and it was teased following the end of the Whole Cake Island arc that Sanji finally got one of his own.

The previous episode of the series ended with a major cliffhanger with the fact that Sanji would finally be putting that Raid Suit to use, and Episode 925 of the series put this into action. In order to fight against Page One without giving his identity away, Sanji decided to use the Germa 66 technology for once and see what kind of boosts the suit would give him.

Not only did Episode 925 give us Sanji's Raid Suit in action, it also gave us quite the stunning transformation sequence that's reminiscent of the same Tokusatsu-esque ones that the rest of his family had when they used their suits. But it's gotten just a bit of a pump up thanks to the new staff and team behind Wano Country's arc.


Although we technically have already seen the suit in action thanks to the Wano Country arc's opening theme sequence, seeing a full transformation is much different than just seeing it in passing. This was the same for the rest of the fight as well as Sanji took one Page One with his new "Soba Mask" moniker was just as impressive as this transformation sequence. But what did you think now that we finally gotten to see Stealth Black in motion in the anime for once?

What did you think of Sanji's big debut as Soba Mask? How did Sanji's Stealth Black transformation compare to the members of the Vinsmoke family? Are you hoping to see the transformation in action again someday in future fights? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or talk to me directly about all things anime and other cool things @Valdezology on Twitter!

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