Act-Age Artist Shares First Look at New Manga

Shiro Usazaki, the artist behind the cancelled Act-Age manga series, has shared the first look at their next manga project, Kimi to Aoi Yoru No with a special new preview! Act-Age was one of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine's instantly stand out projects back in the new crop of releases in 2018. Standing tall alongside the likes of Jujutsu Kaisen and Chainsaw Man, there were some big plans for the series as it was reported that an anime adaptation was in the works and those at Shueisha had some major support behind each new chapter. That was until its cancellation

Following series writer Tatsuya Matsuki's arrest due to indecent acts with a minor, Act-Age was not only quickly scrubbed by Shueisha in Japan, but the series' volumes and international releases were quickly halted as well. It was a move that fans of the artwork were surprised by, and thus they have been waiting for Shiro Usazaki to return with a full work. While it's not quite there at that point yet, Usazaki shared a small preview of their next major one-shot project, Kimi to Aoi Yoru No, that you can check out below as released by Comic Natalie: 

What Is Shiro Usazaki's Next Manga

Kimi to Aoi Yoru No is a special one-shot coming to Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine on March 20th, but it has yet to be revealed if Viz Media will be providing an officially translated international release with their digital Shonen Jump library. There is very little know about what to expect from the one-shot itself, but it's teased as an interactive murder mystery. With an original game idea crafted by Kizuki Shinoda, a draft from Muneaki Taoka, and original story from Kidasaori, Shiro Usazaki will be illustrating the new project. 

Usazaki has returned with a few one-shot projects in the past since Act-Age's initial cancellation, but each time fans are hoping to see these projects picked up for a full run. This next one-shot does have the most potential for a full series, and given the first preview of who is likely the main character, this could have some major legs should Kimi to Aoi Yoru No take off with fans with its debut. 

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