Anime Actress Explores the Industry's Tough Schedules and Expectations

The anime industry, popular as it currently is, has been struggling with its behind-the-scenes factors in creating the major television series and movies that have helped garner countless fans over the decades. With animators and voice actors alike taking the opportunity to share their frustration over the years, one big voice actor has taken the opportunity to discuss some of the frustrations that she has with the industry when it comes to pay, expectations, and the schedules required for those working on the creative side of the equation.        

The interview, which took place on Twitter during a "Space" chat, saw Enomoto talking alongside voice actor Akemi Kanda and the former mangaka who is now a politician in Ken Akamatsu, who has viewed to use his office to attempt to change censorship laws when it comes to the anime industry. Atsuko dove into the conversation by discussing the current pay rates for voice actors, making mention of the fact that only established actors had enough power to demand better pay:

"The fees for animation work are too low. We can raise prices, but the reality is that there is dumping going on. Most companies cannot raise prices. Only those who have been performing for a long time and are confident can afford it," 

Atsuko then expanded upon the idea of voice actors being unable to ask for better pay rates as a result of the low budgets that many anime studios were facing when it came to producing television series and movies:

"We have been asking for an improvement in the working environment, but we know that there is no money for production, so we have been saying for a long time that there might not be any improvement, and we have been wondering what to do,"

Enomoto also discussed her status as an "irregular performer", which gives her leeway to talk about the situations of some voice actors in the medium of anime:

"If you are in an office, it is hard to say anything because people think it is the opinion of the office. I'm not a regular performer, so I can say things like this, and I'm confident that even if I do, they will use me, so I say them,"


Via Anime Hunch