This Life-Size Anime Statue Will Set You Back $26,000

When it comes to anime mega-fans, there are few things you can do to persuade them from their fandom. The more niche a franchise is the better in most cases. That goes doubly so for the anime-centric game series Atelier. And if you want to know why that is the case, the only thing you need to know is that the series is taking pre-orders for a life-size statue that will cost you a house downpayment.

The news, which comes from Sora News 24, breaks down the insane Atelier product for those who are unfamiliar with the title. The game began in Japan back in 1997 and has produced more than 20 games. Its anime-inspired style has crossed over the otaku fandom plenty of times, and its current heroine is getting a life-sized statue modeled after her.

The kicker? Well, if you want to bring Ryza home, it will cost you a lot of cash. The figure will cost you over $26,000 before shipping and taxes... so I hope you have been saving up?

anime figure atelier ryza
(Photo: Wonder Works)

As for why the figure costs so much, it comes down to the materials needed to make Ryza and the manpower. The figure is about 5'4 without its base, so it is truly life-size to the heroine. The rest of the figure was given careful attention by creators Wonder Works, and the company admits it gave special attention to her thighs. Her costume was also a major focus as Ryza's jacket is removable, so there are customization elements to the figure.


Of course, it is hard to imagine anyone except an anime cafe spending cash on this figure, but it could happen. There are ten figures for sale total with a limit of one per customer. You can enter the lottery to buy Ryza now, and it is expected to be delivered by August 2021.

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