Attack on Titan Fan Goes Viral Over Their Perfect Levi Cosplay

Attack on Titan is in the news nowadays in light of season four, and all eyes are on our favorites as they head towards the story's climax. This final season promises to bring Eren to new heights whether they be good or bad. Of course, Levi is going to be behind the lead each step of the way, and one fan is going viral after they shared their impeccable take on the captain with fans.

As you can see below, the Instagram user yuuji1127 is getting all the praise for their Attack on Titan cosplay. The fan, who has grown a large following thanks to their cosplays, felt it was time Levi came into the focus. His look is basically spot-on with the anime, and fans are beginning to wonder if this cosplayer is really Levi's real-life mirror.

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The Attack on Titan cosplay puts Levi in his usual commanding outfit of a white button-up and chest harness. The outfit completes itself with a tan military jacket complete with the Survey Corps insignia. As for the fan, they are rocking Levi's distinct hairstyle, and a bit of makeup brings the soldier's darkened eyes to life.

Clearly, yuuji1227 was made for this cosplay, and fans would agree with that sentiment in droves. More than ten thousand fans agree this cosplay perfectly encapsulates Levi's look. And if this cosplayer can channel the soldier's personality, then Levi has found his destined live-action double.


What do you make of this pristine cosplay? Who else should this fan tackle from Attack on Titan? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.