Attack on Titan: Eren's Actor Cried During Rehearsals for the Final Season

Attack on Titan is one of this shows that everyone seems to know about. The fandom has grown year [...]

Attack on Titan is one of this shows that everyone seems to know about. The fandom has grown year by year and continues to thrive even as its final season approaches. In fact, it seems more eyes than ever are on the show as Attack on Titan season four prepares to debut next month. And according to one star, they could not help but weep while reading its tender script.

The detail comes from a rather surprising source as Yuki Kaji admitted to as much in a livestream. The actor, who plays Eren Jaeger, did a livestream on Youtube for fans. It was there he spoke very briefly about Attack on Titan season four, and Kaji said he cried while rehearsing his lines at home.

Attack On Titan Eren Jaeger
(Photo: Studio MAPPA)

"I cried when I saw the compilation," Kaji said, referring to a sizzle reel of the anime that was released earlier this year to hype its final season. "Eren is always in my heart. I got the script for the final season, and I would even cry while rehearsing at home."

"When I read the manga, I could see [the story] objectively, but when it comes to acting it out, I can't stop crying. I felt. Depressed, so I sent messages to Isayama-sensei, and we exchanges messages several times."

Clearly, Kaji is having a hard time coping with the final season, and fans can understand why. The actor has enjoyed a very solid career with lead roles in Sword Art Online and even My Hero Academia. However, Attack on Titan is one of his big breakout roles. Kaji has formed a bond with Eren that will never die, and given the dark content of season four, it's not surprising to hear how emotional the voice actor is right now. Rather, we would be surprise if he weren't a teary mess after facing the finale of Attack on Titan.

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