Attack On Titan Launches AR Filter for Your Titan Needs

You'd be hard-pressed to find an anime fan who didn't agree that Attack On Titan isn't currently the biggest anime series around, with the fourth and final season currently underway with its anime and the manga only two chapters away from its end, and now, fans can jump into an "Augmented Reality" to spot Titans lurking around them. Augmented Reality is no stranger to the world of anime, with Pokemon Go easily the most popular example of an app in this medium, and now fans can attempt to capture some of the biggest Titans that have become household names in the anime community.

The fourth season has taken a decidedly different approach within Attack On Titan, putting Eren Jaeger and his fellow Survey Corps on the offensive against the nation of Marley that has been hurling Titans their way throughout the entirety of their lives. However, with their new attack comes new problems as the franchise has prided itself on not being a world of black and white, but rather a number of "greys". With this new App created by Funimation, you can walk through your neighborhood and "capture" Titans via your phones using a filter for both Instagram and Facebook.

Funimation shared the big new App for Attack On Titan using their Official Twitter Account, letting fans know that they can begin finding Titans in their backyards and documenting them by snapping their pictures, allowing Titan fans to share their Colossal findings with friends on Social Media:

Currently, there have been no announcements regarding the future of the franchise following the finale of the series, though it certainly seems as if Hajime Isayama won't be diving back into the world of the Titans any time soon following the final battle of the Survey Corps. With rumors beginning to swirl regarding a "part two" for the fourth season of the anime, fans are scratching their heads as to how the story will wrap in the television series, with either more television episodes or perhaps a movie that gives Eren Jaeger and his friends their final curtain call.

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