Attack On Titan Concert Announces Global Release

Attack On Titan's anime is set to release its final episodes early next year, bringing to a close [...]

Attack On Titan's anime is set to release its final episodes early next year, bringing to a close the journey of the Survey Corps with a conclusion that is sure to have plenty of death and tears, but the franchise is wasting little time in capitalizing on the popularity of Hajime Isayama's series by unveiling an upcoming concert. The concert itself, which will be performed in Japan but will also be streamed digitally for fans of the dark story, will take place on August 22nd and will have some surprising guests helping to perform the biggest tunes of the anime.

The concert itself will see the series composers, Hiroyuki Sawano and Kohta Yamamoto, in attendance and helping to perform for a live audience, and a virtual one, some of the biggest tunes from the series thanks to the assistance of an orchestra. also in attendance will be the voice actors of Eren Jaeger, Mikasa, and Armin, aka Yuki Kaji, Yui Ishikawa, and Marina Inoue respectively who will more than likely be belting out some tunes from the television series. Tickets for the concert will retail for around $35 USD for those who'd like to tune in digitally and will be available for around a week following the performance itself.

Twitter Outlet Pony Canyon USA revealed the details about the upcoming performance as well as information for how fans can watch the performance online if they just so happen to not be able to attend the live concert taking place in Japan on August 22nd:

Attack On Titan's manga ended earlier this year, with Hajime Isayama even revisiting the series to add a director's cut to the final chapter that hints that there is the possibility of new stories within this dark world that could take place in the future. While nothing has been confirmed about the mangaka revisiting the franchise, fans are still looking forward to seeing how the anime will adapt the final moments of the series.

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