Attack On Titan Cosplay Cleans Things Up With A Unique Levi

Attack On Titan's Captain Levi has become one of the biggest characters of the dark anime series, not just thanks to his ability to take down Titans more so than any other soldier in the Survey Corps, but also thanks in part to his commitment to keep the world as clean as possible. Levi once appeared in hilarious cleaning attire, putting down his three dimensional maneuver gear and swords in order to pick up a broom and cleaning supplies to help make an old outpost for the Survey Corps the cleanest it could possibly be for future missions!

Levi himself has been an essential part of the Survey Corps since the start of Attack On Titan, easily earning his position as a captain within their ranks not only thanks to his amazing ability to cut through Titans, but also thanks to his tactician skills. In the latest season, Levi perhaps did one of the most important things in the third season of the anime, saving the remaining members of the Survey Corps by dealing a near fatal blow to Zeke Jaeger, the nation of Marley's Beast Titan. Though he was unable to save the life of his good friend Erwin, Levi continues to be a valued member of the Survey Corps.

Instagram Cosplayer Nito_Nanase shared this impressive take on Levi in full cleaning mode, becoming one of the most popular memes in the franchise of Attack On Titan, with this appearance making the rounds across the internet since appearing earlier in the series:

Currently, in the manga for the series, Levi has definitely seen better days, as the captain of the Survey Corps has suffered wounds that leave him in a dire straight. As a newly formed Corps attempts to take down their former friend Eren, we're crossing our fingers that Levi makes it out of the final arc alive!

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