Attack on Titan Cosplay Readies Mikasa For Battle

Mikasa has proved herself time and time again to be one of the strongest members of the Scout Regiment in Attack on Titan, even though she doesn't have the ability to transform into a Titan like her friends Eren and Armin. With Eren Jaeger gaining the power of the Founding Titan and attempting to use it to eradicate anyone outside of Paradis Island, Mikasa is now in a tough situation wherein she might have to kill her beloved friend to save the world. One cosplayer has captured Mikasa's look from the final season in prep for next year's finale.       

With the Eldians of Paradis learning more about their world in the final episodes of the third season, the fourth season began with Eren Jaeger infiltrating the nation of Marley and launching an attack on Paradis' tormentors. With Mikasa venturing to Marley with her fellow soldiers to retrieve Eren, a divide was placed between the two that had never been seen before as Jaeger moved forward with his plan of genocide and Ackermann found herself unable to stop the boulder from rolling down the hill as it were. Now, Mikasa is in a race against time to stop Eren Jaeger while also trying to figure out if the only way to stop her friend is to kill him.

One Reddit User shared a cosplayer that has brought Attack on Titan's Mikasa to life at this year's Anime Expo, with the Ackermann loaded to bear with thunder spears and three-dimensional maneuver gear which has helped her take down countless behemoths threatening her life and her fellow Paradisians: 

Mikasa cosplay at Anime Expo 2022 from ShingekiNoKyojin

If the anime adaptation sticks to the story of the manga, as it has faithfully done in the past, Mikasa is set to have to make some tough decisions in the fight against Eren Jaeger. As Eren stomps his way across the world with an army of Colossal Titans at his beck and call, the last episodes of MAPPA's Attack on Titan saw Mikasa and her friends managing to acquire what they need to make their way to Jaeger, though defeating him is going to be a separate, and much more difficult, challenge. 

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