Attack On Titan Cosplay Features One Eyed Hange

Attack On Titan's fourth season has taken the Survey Corps through some new dangerous quests as Eren Jaeger has unleashed an attack on the nation of Marley, with Hange now being in charge of the Survey Corps following the death of Captain Erwin, and one fan has managed to capture the aesthetic of the Eldians' best scientist using some ingenious Cosplay. In the latest anime season, the Children of Ymir aren't just dealing with the threat of Marley, but also with a new threat from within as Eren Jaeger has been attempting to lead a group of devotees to his cause.

Hange was first introduced into the series of Attack On Titan as a big comic relief character, unable to hold back her love of Titans and learning more about the behemoths that have been terrorizing the "Children of Ymir" for so long. With the final battle of the third season seeing the Colossal, Armored, and Beast Titans nearly eradicating the Survey Corps in its entirety, Hange was able to survive the assault but lost her left eye in the process, still able to pick up the swords and join her comrades when the situation required it.

Instagram Cosplayer Vamplettes shared this impressive Cosplay that recreates the armored new look of the Survey Corps that Hange was able to jump into alongside her fellow comrades during the battle against the nation of Marley in the early episodes of season four:

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With Eren Jaeger and his followers now attempting to enact their own plans, following the military attempting to transfer the power of the Founding Titan from Eren to a new wielder, Hange is in the difficult position of combating wars that are taking place both inside and outside of the walls of the civilization on the island of Paradis. Though Hange doesn't have the power of a Titan running through her veins like Eren or Armin, her intelligence and skills as a member of the Survey Corps have saved her life more than a few times.


The new "uniforms" of the Survey Corps came about thanks to the technology they were given as they discovered the world at large, finally eradicating the Titans that were bearing down on their city and Hange will definitely have a big role to play as the series marches toward its finale.

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