Attack on Titan Cosplay is Readying for the Finale with Mikasa

One Attack on Titan cosplay is readying for the series' big finale with Mikasa Ackerman! Attack on Titan might have left anime fans on a major cliffhanger for its final season, but Hajime Isayama's original manga run of the series will officially be coming to an end in just a few days. Spoilers for this final chapter are all over the place, unfortunately, as fans scramble to see just how it all will come to an end for Mikasa and the others. But as fans anticipate this finale, it's also a great time to celebrate how far it's come.

Mikasa Ackerman has gone through a ton of growth in her own right as the fighter has been through some major turmoil in the final arc of the series as she had been forcibly separated from Eren due to his selfish actions. This change in her began following her big makeover with the final arc's timeskip as she came out with a much fiercer Survey Corps look. This fierce makeover was brought to life excellent through cosplay from artist @ruuna_070 on Instagram! Check it out:

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Attack on Titan's final chapter will officially be releasing on April 9th, and it will bring the series' run to an end with 139 chapters in total. As for the anime series, the final season left fans on a major cliffhanger recently with its midseason finale teasing a much larger conflict to come. Thankfully, this cliffhanger was not left in vein as the series was confirmed to be returning for the second half of the final season some time next year.

Attack on Titan's final arc has been divisive among fans of the original manga series, especially when it comes to some of Mikasa's role in it, but this could all change with the final chapter of the series. If it can stick the landing and properly frame many of Eren's surprising decisions in the finale, then this finale could go down as one of the major favorites of all time. Then again, it could mean total doom for all the characters involved!

But what do you think? How are you liking Mikasa's role in the final arc? How do you think the series will end for her? What kind of final moment do you want from Mikasa? Let us know your thoughts all about it in the comments!