Attack On Titan Shares Update on Chapter 137 Release

Attack On Titan isn't pulling any punches with its fourth and final season of its anime, delivering casualties and shocking moments throughout its initial episodes, and with the manga only a few chapters away from the final story of the Survey Corps, Chapter 137 has delivered a BIG update. In the pages of the manga, the Survey Corps is currently fighting their most threatening and personal threat to date, and fans are left wondering which of their favorite characters will ultimately survive.

The final battle of the franchise is certainly unexpected when it comes to the current situation unfurling in the anime, with the Survey Corps having to take some drastic measures to save the world at large from a terrifying threat. With Attack On Titan set to end in the next few months, it will be interesting to see if creator Hajime Isayama will re-visit the world via new spin-off chapters or perhaps even a sequel that could once again bring us into the world of the Titans. Needless to say, the current storyline of the manga will be something to behold via the artwork of the producers of the anime, Studio MAPPA!

Twitter User Attack On Fans shared the fact that the 137th chapter of Attack On Titan's manga is completed, letting fans know that the release of the next big installment of the printed story is about to descend and might just have more heart-wrenching moments in store considering how 136 came to a close:

Attack On Titan's anime recently dived into the death of the fan-favorite character Sasha, one of the much-needed sources of comic relief throughout the series who normally let her stomach dictate her actions. Shot by the Marleyian soldier Gabi, Sasha's death proved that no one is safe in the dark franchise that prides itself on upping the ante with each subsequent storyline!


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