Attack On Titan Sees Armin And Connie Pull Off Ingenious Trick

Attack On Titan is ramping up toward the finale of the franchise, and with a new Survey Corps attempting to stop a dangerous, and familiar, threat, Armin and Connie have had to go undercover to achieve their quest. As the newest version of the Survey Corps is looking to travel in a rapid amount of time, the two protagonists are attempting to not only achieve their mission of stealing an airship in order to do so, but make sure that casualties are held to a minimum. The ingenious plan shows just why Armin is the one in charge!

Warning! If you have yet to read Chapter 128 of Attack On Titan, you may want to avoid the rest of this article as we'll be diving into some serious spoiler territory as the anime franchise enters its end game!

As followers of the manga story know, the newest iteration of the Survey Corps is filled not only with the soldiers of Eldia that we've grown to know such as Armin, Mikasa, and Jean, but also with Marleyian soldiers who have been considered villains for the majority of the series in Annie, Reiner, and several other Titans. With the Eldian soldiers attempting to stop the genocidal plans of Eren Jaeger, seemingly having been driven mad by the power of the First Titan, they are attempting to simultaneously not kill any of their former friends who have found themselves becoming "Jaegerists".

So how on earth do Connie and Armin plan on getting close to an airship to make their way to Eren? Well by pretending to be Jaegirists themselves of course! As their friends who once lived within the walls don't know about their plans to bring down Jaeger, they walk right up to the guards who are protecting the airship and exclaim that they need to make use of it for a very important mission.


Unfortunately for our two Survey Corps members, their plan is uncovered thanks in part to Mikasa and the remainder of the band of outlaws attempting to save the lives of Marleyian citizens who are being threatened with death by Floch. With their cover blown, Armin is on the receiving end of some bullets and Connie is forced to murder his countrymen in a bid to stop "the rumbling" from continuing!

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