Attack on Titan: Is Jean's Mysterious Dream Girl Really Mikasa?

Attack on Titan season four is expected to end this month, and that means all eyes are on its horizon. The season's end will bring about a series finale few ever saw coming, after all. Right now, our heroes are simply trying to recoup in the face of Eren's recent betrayal, and Jean seems to be struggling something fierce. And thanks to a new episode, fans are thinking Jean might be ready to confess his feelings to… Mikasa.

The whole thing came to light just recently when Attack on Titan came back to television. The anime's latest episode confronted our heroes with a surprising team-up. It will take some serious manpower to stop Eren, so Marley has chosen to work with the Paradis rebels to see the mission through. As our heroes learned about this, fans were shown a bit of Jean's dream of the future, and it was there fans had to do a double-take.

After all, the dream shows Jean living with a woman who appears to be his wife. The pair even have a baby of their own, but fans were more concerned by the woman's appearance. It seemed Jean's wife was an older version of Mikasa, and as you can see above, it seems she even has some of the same scars as the Ackerman.

Of course, this future is up in the air as Jean ends up agreeing to aid the joint mission. Mikasa is still wrapped up in her feelings for Eren, but there is no telling how those emotions will shift once the pair are reunited. Jean might see his dream come true with Mikasa depending on how their final mission goes. So for now, we'll leave it to you to decide which Attack on Titan ship you like best for Mikasa here. 

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